Spring Has Sprung


Spring Has Sprung… The Grass Is Riz…
I Wonder How My Business Is?


Spring has sprung nearly everywhere now.  Matter of fact, in a few days summer will be upon us.   Have you done a spring cleaning in your business?

There are a few times a year that you should put new projects and milestones on your calendar.  In the fall you should be looking at your programs and plan for the following year.  Getting your game plan, your financial goals, your marketing plan, etc. for the next year or 18 months.


In the spring take a look at your 1st and 2nd quarters of the year.  Ask yourself, what’s going well – what’s not going so well.  What can you eliminate – what can you add. You might want to adjust your plan.


Remember, those things that get measured and monitored get done.  From time to time you must measure and evaluate your own business from the inside out.


Here are the top business areas you should make a habit of evaluating. Hint:  schedule focused planning and evaluation time and put it on your calendar.


1.      Is your marketing plan supporting your:


a.      Financial goals?

 b.      What’s working? What’s not working?

 c.       What needs to go?  What can you change or add?


2.      Is your current team or staff adequately supporting your mission, goals and objectives?


This is sometimes a hard one because it’s can be difficult to release staff who are no longer meeting the higher good and goals of your business. It’s all about performance.  A question you could ask yourself is, “Is this staff member paying for themselves?”, “Is this staff member part of the team or more concerned with the “I”.

3.      What is your focus for the next 90 days and 2nd half of the year? Everyone wants to finish strong in the last half of the year.  What needs to go – what needs to stay? Is your plan congruent or in alignment with your objectives.  Are goals and objectives captured on your calendar?



4.      Are your systems and operations manual up to date and working for you in the way  you want them to? Needless to say, this is not the sexiest part of running your business but it is one of the most important.  The more you systematize your business the more it will run on autopilot.  You will not be interrupted by simple questions over and over again and that alone will help you carve out dedicated FOCUS time to work on your business. 



5.      What additional support do you need in your business to get things done that you haven’t started yet? Does you current team have the skills and knowledge to execute your plan?  Maybe you might need to outsource some additional talent to get your plan moving?  These are questions to ask yourself.  As technology changes and there are new “what’s working now” topics, your team’s skills and knowledge base will need to adjust accordingly. 

If you don’t want to do this yourself, hire the skill out to an expert who will help you get it done.  Because this isn’t the sexy part of your business and you probably struggle with it, it is definitely worth the investment to have an expert do it for you  and with you. One such service is the S.M.A.R.T. Start Partner.  You might want to check it out.


Spring cleaning any time of year is freeing.  It’s those little adjustments that can help you move forward in a big way.

Be S.M.A.R.T.!