Money On The Table

YOU Are Leaving Money On The Table

When You Don’t Test…. Period!


Let’s face it, no plan is perfect! Sometimes events fail…. Sometimes your results aren’t what you expected…. So what do you do now?


First relax! It’s time for evaluation and adjustment. (Hint: You should PLAN for testing in your overall action steps.)


There are many reasons an event might not bring your desired results.  The key thing is to evaluate each step or element separately. One thing at a time.  Why?  Because one small tweak in a website or copy could turn the results around. 


A big mistake many marketers do is change everything all at once.  They change their offer, copy and marketing strategy all at the same time.  The truth of the matter is that you must TEST one element at a time so you can pinpoint the out of whack piece.  Otherwise you will never really know what was broken. 


One way to do this is by A/B split testing.  For example, you might want to see which headline on your squeeze page is more compelling and gives you better opt in rate.  Create 2 web pages each with a different headline.  Using a system like Infusionsoft, Google Website Optimizer or 1 Shopping Cart (Ad Tracker), set up the web pages so that they alternate for your viewers. Analyze your results over a few days and see which headline actually draws better responses. The next step is to test your offer or copy around your offering using the same method.


YOU are leaving money on the table when you don’t test…. Period!


      1. Use split testing to better understand your visitor behaviors and how they use your site.
      2. Use split testing as a diagnostic tool to find out what is going wrong and how to fix it
      3. Use split testing to dramatically challenge the assumptions you may have about the best way to design or write a page.


You can actually split test anything including: Page Copy • Forms • Images • Colors • Head Lines • Pricing • Offers • Font • Layout • Registration pages • Advertisements


Here is a basic visual of what a website split test might look like.



It’s obvious by this illustration that element B wins out.


Don’t limit your split testing to just websites.  It can also be used very effectively with direct mail as well.  The same principles apply…. One element at a time.  In the case of direct mail, you might have 2 different headlines and you mail both mail pieces at the same time.  Measure the results of registrations, revenue, or responses from each different mail piece and you’ll know which one works the best.


Split testing is S.M.A.R.T. The M. stands for measurable.  Keep your business S.M.A.R.T. by testing and measuring. Don’t leave your money on the table.


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Gail Saseen is an author and information marketing business coach and consultant.  She has a unique ability for communicating complex marketing and technology concepts in simplified and understandable language.  Gail is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of: marketing strategy and planning, systems development, direct mail, social media marketing, website and technology implementation, product development, information marketing and coaching.  Gail assists small business owners and entrepreneurs develop business systems and goals and strategic plans using S.M.A.R.T. Principles. – Free Gift


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  1. Mitch Tublin says:


    Yes, I agree – split testing is good to use with everything!

    Well, almost everything,


  2. Great advice Gail! Test — don’t guess! That’s what we say in health care and it’s so true in
    the biz world too! Thanks for this great reminder!

  3. Testing and measuring can often be left behind but usually gives you the 10% edge that puts you in the top 1% – great advice and explanation!

  4. Great advice Gail – and I love that you mention all the things that we can split test.

  5. Sue Painter says:

    It’s funny that I just talked about this in a blog post about pelicans and piers a few weeks ago. I think many biz owners believe that split testing is for the “big guys” but to me, it helps the smaller biz owners to become one of the “big guys.” Great example, Gail.

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