Getting Started

Many people take more time planning their vacations and life, but when it comes to setting up a firm foundation for their business they don’t take the same approach. If you are running your business without a strategic marketing and business plan you are guiding by the “Hope and Pray” method. It may sound a bit silly but running a successful well thought out business takes a bit more than that.

Did you know that 90% of all businesses are running without a plan?
Maybe that explains why a large percentage of them fail every day. I don’t want that to happen to you.

You see, you have a mission or a reason for starting your business… even if you haven’t written it down, because you’ve started a business. You probably have some idea or a vision about what you want your business to look like in the future. You may even have a plan in your head about how you want to get it done. Am I right?

Now is the time to get in motion and take action!
Without a written plan that turns your mission and vision into actionable goals and objectives, which are measurable, chances are you will not get where you want to go. From a law of attraction perspective, your goals and objectives when clearly stated with conviction cause the Universe to align for you… for your success.

Your business GPS is your business plan! It can help you when you are physically present in your business or away. It is your guidance system for your staff and employees… whether they are in an office with you or virtual.

Let’s Get Started Together…. It’s Simple and S.M.A.R.T.
You are most likely in one of three phases in your business. Choose the phase that best fits where you are right now with your business plan, goals and objective, and systems development.

Click on the phase which fits you best to discover more and see the tools that may meet your needs to get moving.

  • Foundation Building Phase
    • You have been in business 2 – or more years.
    • You started documenting systems but have not completed them.
    • You may have a small staff or team and want them to participate more.
    • You want help putting your strategic plan and operations manual together.
    • You want more time to work ON your business and not handling the day to day tasks.
  • Business Expansion Phase
    • You are within your first or second year in business.
    • You haven’t started building systems and processes but know you need to.
    • You are thinking about adding a staff member or Virtual Assistant.
    • You want to build a strong foundation for growth.
  • Acceleration and Lifestyle Phase
    • You’ve been in business for a while and have some systems and an operations manual but you would like to improve on what you started.
    • You have a staff or team and would like to implement better accountability procedures.
    • You want to keep track of what’s happening in your business with better reporting procedures.
    • You want your team to keep up with new systems and procedures by documenting them and keeping the business operations manual updated.
    • You want to put your business on auto-pilot so that it can operate without you so you can have more lifestyle time.

I would love to work with you!
There are also several additional ways we can work together if you desire help getting started.
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