About Gail

Gail Saseen is a author and information marketing business coach and consultant. She has a unique ability for communicating complex marketing and technology concepts in simplified and understandable language. Gail is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of: marketing strategy and planning, systems development, direct mail, social media marketing, website and technology implementation, product development, information marketing and coaching.

Through her programs, Smart Business Entrepreneur and Social Media Leads System, Gail has helped hundreds of small business owners start, grow and expand their businesses in ways they never thought possible, many reach six and seven figures in amazingly short periods of time.

Gail spent 20 years as a Military Police and Material Acquisition Officer, in the United States Army, where she was one of the first women officers to complete Airborne training. She was on the Army Uniform Board and was responsible for introducing “work friendly” uniforms for women soldiers. Gail was directly responsible for introducing body armor into the standard uniform of Military Police Soldiers; she was a program manager responsible for a 2 Billion dollar budget for the development of the heavy tank and common chassis program prior to the first Gulf War.

In 1991, Gail was hand selected by the Department of State, and deployed to the United Arab Emirates, to be the U.S. Commandant of the first Military School for Arab Women in Abu Dhabi. Upon her return from the Gulf War, Gail served as the Chief of Security and Law Enforcement, Atlantic Division Corps of Engineers. She was responsible for security and law enforcement for 7 southern states and was a primary player in the Hurricane Andrew Recovery Efforts. Gail retired from the armed services in 1995.

Following the service, Gail was the Assistant Manager for one of the largest AIDS Walks in the country, raising well over 7 figures for the cause. After this experience, she was determined to start her own path as an entrepreneur and started her own independent pet sitting business. Gail ran and operated Just For Paws, Professional Pet Sitters for 5 years and grew that business to be one of the largest services in Atlanta, GA.

Gail was a co-owner of Complete Marketing Systems which offers a wide range of programs and services – from strategic marketing planning, list management, direct mail, product development, systems development, implementation techniques, to seminar and workshop event filling and planning. She helped develop several signature programs including: Information Marketing Building Blocks, Successful Event Marketing and Planning, Social Media Straight Talk, Direct Mail Building Blocks and Marketing Success Secrets.

Today Gail assists small business owners and entrepreneurs develop systems and strategic plans using S.M.A.R.T. Principles to accomplish their goals and get stuff done.